To Hold Up the Sky

hardcover, 336 pages

Published Oct. 19, 2020 by Tor Books.

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Collection of imaginative science fiction.

Stories included are:

  • The Village Teacher
  • The Time Migration
  • 2018-04-01
  • Fire In The Earth
  • Contraction
  • Mirror
  • Ode To Joy
  • Full Spectrum Barrage Jamming
  • Sea of Dreams
  • Cloud of Poems
  • The Thinker

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Review of 'To Hold Up the Sky' on 'Goodreads'

No rating

I have to say, the one thing that kept bothering me throughout the audiobook was that the spaces between one story and the next were shorter than spaces between words in a sentence as spoken by the narrator at times. I probably could have fixed it somehow by fidgeting with some settings or something, but mostly I like how audible app works with other books, and didn't find in one quick look. So yeah, I started taking breaks from listening after each story ends, so that I could think about the latest story a little bit. With all that, it's the last story that stands out the most to me, even though I don't think it was the most interesting idea or anything. It just had a lot of things I really like. Stars in a little bit magical way, neuro science, slightly sciency pattern art, a connection between people …