A Day of Fallen Night

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Hardcover, 868 pages

English language

Published Sept. 25, 2023 by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

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5 stars (2 reviews)

In A Day of Fallen Night, Samantha Shannon sweeps readers back to the universe of Priory of the Orange Tree and into the lives of four women, showing us a course of events that shaped their world for generations to come.

Tunuva Melim is a sister of the Priory. For fifty years, she has trained to slay wyrms – but none have appeared since the Nameless One, and the younger generation is starting to question the Priory's purpose.

To the north, in the Queendom of Inys, Sabran the Ambitious has married the new King of Hróth, narrowly saving both realms from ruin. Their daughter, Glorian, trails in their shadow – exactly where she wants to be.

The dragons of the East have slept for centuries. Dumai has spent her life in a Seiikinese mountain temple, trying to wake the gods from their long slumber. Now someone from her mother's past …

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Another one I couldn't put down!

5 stars

Content warning Minor vaugish spoilers for both Fallen Night and Priory of the Orange Tree

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5 stars