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I read a variety of books. I'm here to help improve the selection of BookWyrm (including adding new books, descriptions and covers).

I'm always honest in my reviews, and I disclose at the beginning if I got the book for free (and how).

All my reviews (except the quotes from the book being reviewed) are my own opinion and under Unlicense. I don't need to be credited, but that is welcome.

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Nerywood's books

Swap (EBook, 2023, Driftwyrd) No rating

At her eighteenth birthday party, Liliana Blaire finally gets to Swap: a personalized bot will …

I DNF's but this is my review

No rating

Got this book for free as part of LibraryThing's Early Reviewers program. This is my honest review and nobody (the author, publisher or LibraryThing) has read this review before it went public.

I DNF'd at the beginning of chapter 8 due to the book being slow in pace, and not very interesting in general. It wasn't because of the details, which I felt there was the right amount of. It could be because there were so many stories that took place and I just wanted the main story to get to a certain point without feeling like I'm missing a huge ton.

I'm not sure how I feel about the prologue, if you read the book description you almost don't need this, but it also somewhat feels like skipping ahead.

Another point about all the stories, it was hard to tell when one story stopped and another continued. And many …

Where There's a Will (2019, Pursuit Books LLC) 4 stars

Emily Chappell's story of transformation into a cross-continental bike racer, pushing the limits of her …

Review of Where There's A Will

3 stars

If you like hearing about long bike rides or overcoming challenges, the struggles while doing them, long adventures, imposter syndrome, or failure, then you will like this book. It also touches on travel and food if you're also into that.

"The arrival of a friend made me feel a little more like I belonged here"

If you aren't from the UK or in the biking community, there may be words you don't know and that a dictionary may not be able to tell you, so don't worry if you struggle.

"Often, when I read of a new round-the-world record, or when a roadie friend would boast about the 200km sportive he was training for that summer, I would think of the audaxers, many of whom will quite happily cover 400 miles in a weekend, before heading back to work on Monday morning, simply because they claim to enjoy it."

This …

How to Not Die Alone (2021, Simon & Schuster) No rating

My review

No rating

"You’ve done things your way for your entire life. Why not try something different? A lasting, loving relationship may very well be waiting for you on the other end."

The author does have a bias (worked at Google before working on this book, and worked at Hinge after submitting it) but does provide good advice.

You will want to make notes / highlight, and sometimes there is a quiz, so will want a way to write something down.

"You need to put in effort to find someone."

"No relationship is easy all the time. Even the healthiest, most rewarding marriages require effort. Finding someone can be hard, but often the real challenge comes later. The hard part is the daily work you put in to grow and sustain a great relationship."

While the book does feel geared a bit more towards women, anyone of any gender I believe can make …

The Midnight Library (Paperback, 2020, Penguin Publishing Group) 4 stars

"Between life and death there is a library, and within that library, the shelves go …

My review of The Midnight Library

3 stars

Wonder what your life would be like if you had done one thing differently? Unfortunately that currently isn't possible, but through this book you can through Nora, her life, and her different lives.

"Now, you have to decide how you want to live."

"Because, Nora, sometimes the only way to learn is to live"

The book starts off with a number of quotes, then I found it went weird. It's hard to explain, and early on I wondered why the author chose to go this way.

Since there are multiple characters at many points in the book, it can be difficult to know who is saying what.

There are some chapters or parts that I felt could have been removed all together, and the book overall would be the same. Sometimes the book felt wordy, or felt like I was reading a page filler.

"The quiet made her realise how …

Deke!: Us Manned Space from Mercury to the Shuttle (1995, St. Martin's Press) 3 stars

Deke Slayton was one of the first seven Mercury astronauts--and he might have been the …

Deke! book review

3 stars

If you want to read a book about the author, life in the war, or NASA (including one of the original astronauts and how his life was changed), then this book is one to add to your list. Deke passed away due to a brain tumour in 1993, this book was published in 1994.

"until I was in my thirties, I was always Don Slayton. Nobody called me Deke until I became a test pilot at Edwards in the 1950s"

Content warning for this book: war, death

As always with older books, some words have a different meaning today, or you would use something else. That doesn't take away too much from the book, but it may make you stop and wonder what the author means.

"It was maybe sixty hours from the Agena failure to White House approval. That was how things got done in those days."

This book …

The Candidate (2021, Le Villain Press) 5 stars

A Murdered Judge. A Dark Secret Silenced.

Rookie reporter James Lalonde is bored. And, he …

My review of The Candidate

5 stars

Disclosure: I got this ebook for free from BookSirens. In return I was asked to provide a private review to the author of this book and could publish my review anywhere I liked. The author nor BookSirens has any say in my review, this is my honest review of the book.

This is the first book of a great series, I just know it. Of course what happens has to involve multiple people to keep the story interesting (I'm keeping it vague on purpose to not spoil anything). The reporter James is involved from beginning to end, and while many other people come into the story they don't make as big an impact as James does.

"She shifted in her seat. ‘What’s a warrant?’ James’s eyes bulged. So the ... weren’t above taking advantage of a naïve twenty-year-old."

I do think the author could have left out some of the …

The Yellow Envelope (Paperback, 2017, Sourcebooks) 4 stars

What Would You Do with a Yellow Envelope?

After Kim and her husband decide to …

My Review of The Yellow Envelope

4 stars

I had never heard about this author before reading the book and now I'm interested to read her blog to read some of her other travel adventures in detail (since the book could only cover so much).

What would you do if you decided to quit your comfy life and travel full-time with no end date in sight? That is what Kim and Brian (her husband) did. But just before they go on their travel they are given an yellow envelope from a friend which has money in it and they are told to give away the money following the three rules (don't overthink it, share your experiences if you want, don't feel pressed to give it all away). Which may seem easy but it's hard especially since you are travelling.

If you are thinking or dreaming about travelling for a length of time that doesn't have an end time, …

Ties That Bind (EBook, 2022, Canelo Saga) 4 stars

When Esme's past as a secret operative comes calling, she must choose - her husband …

My review of Ties That Bind

4 stars

3.75/5 (rounding the whole star rating to 4)

If you haven't read the first two books in this series then this book and review won't make sense. This review may contain spoilers of those books in the series, but won't contain any spoilers for this book.

The chapters allow the author to indicate some time has passed, but no indication is given of how long, or exactly what happening.

I would suggest having a dictionary (either physical or virtual) nearby when reading this book as there were a number of words that I had to look up the definition to, in order to fully understand what was happening. I can imagine the author did this to keep you in the time frame that this book takes place.

There are a number of parts where the characters get emotional and the author does a great job allowing the reader to fully …

Shadow Beasts (EBook, 2023) No rating

If Paige isn’t careful, her new job could land her in an early grave.

Paige …

My review of Shadow Beasts

No rating

Disclosure: I got this ebook from LibraryThing's Early Reviewers in exchange for an honest review. Nobody (the author, publisher, or LibraryThing) has read this review before I posted it publicly.

I DNF'd at 47% read. There are parts of the book that I liked, but I couldn't continue to read because of certain things.

There are things you may read that seem to make no sense at that time, but they may make sense later. There are also so many details that you can really visualize what's going on. The author does include some good humour and moments that you will read then say "what!?". I'm going to be purposefully vague regarding this as I don't wish to spoil certain parts of the book.

“It certainly will be convenient. Gosh, I wish this worked on real languages. High school Spanish would have been a breeze.”

The author is very good …

A Bad Bout of the Yips (EBook, 2023, Black Rose Writing) 4 stars

PI Steve Rockfish's morning meeting was supposed to focus on a case of straightforward harassment. …

Review of 'A Bad Bout of the Yips' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

Disclosure: I got this eBook from LibraryThing's Early Reviewers in exchange for an honest review. Nobody (the author, publisher, or LibraryThing) has read this review before I posted it publicly.

This is the third book in the series, if you haven't read the first two then it's highly suggested you do so, as otherwise this book won't make sense.

Content Warnings for the book: violence (including guns, killing and bombs), cops, swearing, alcohol drinking

The prologue provides a nice high-level review of what happened in the last book for those who had forgotten (like me).

The author continues to be a great story teller, it's like you're in the backseat and reading the minds of each character.

"Big girl pants have been acquired.”What the fuck?"

Reading it can get you emotionally involved (which is most likely what the author wants), but there are a number of slow sections. The author …

Something Like Treason (2021, Sunbury Press, Inc.) 4 stars

Not everyone in America was rooting for America in World War II. "Something Like Treason” …

Review of 'Something Like Treason' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

Disclosure: I got this book for free from BookSirens (thanks to the author [a:William Sonn|109293|William Sonn|]). They hope I would give a review but it isn't required and I have to be honest if I do give one.

Something Like Treason starts out how you least expect it, the foreword actually starts six years later. You would think that it would give spoilers but I can see why the author chose to do this, it helps to give a good amount of context to the story ahead.

In the beginning, they mention a fair amount of camps, but the author doesn't exactly say where. If you are a reader from USA you can figure out where they are located fairly clearly, but if you are an international reader then it's hard. The author may want to mention that this all happened in the United States.

When I started reading I …

A Diamond Dream (2022, Skyhorse Publishing Company, Incorporated) No rating

n a near future Tokyo, every action—from blinking to sexual intercourse—is intellectual property owned by …

Review of 'Diamond Dream' on 'Goodreads'

No rating

DNF for now at 27%. I wanted to really enjoy this book because I've read the first two in this series, and while there are parts I love, there are a couple major things that turned me off from continuing.

First regarding what I loved, it was a continuing of the beloved series. If you haven't recently read the second book then do so as it helps the third book to make more sense. There is a summary but that may not do justice.

The book picks back up from where the author left the character, and many details are included. There are many points where you may not want to stop reading.

"The search operation must have been pricey for you though.”
“Astronomical. With the constant mobilization of our staff and the fines for stalking and mass surveillance, it had to be the costliest wild goose chase in the …

Shocking Pink (2023, Running Wild) 4 stars

In a hilarious blow by blow account of what goes on behind the scenes of …

Review of 'Shocking Pink' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

Disclosure: Got an advance copy of the book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. Nobody has gotten a copy of this review before it went live.

This is a book for those 18+ (21+ in some areas) about the porn industry. If that doesn't appeal to you then don't read this review or book.

Trigger warnings for the book (does contain spoiler): pornography, sex, violence, suicide, hint of racism, courthouse, trial, driving / car decency, funeral, pyrotechnics

[a:Stuart Canterbury|8367483|Stuart Canterbury|] is the perfect person to write this book, not only does he do a great job of covering the industry within this book, he was an writer, director and producer on many movies so he knows what happens.

The book covers not just what happens in front of (or behind) the camera, but also what happens outside of "action" and "cut". You see that everyone …